The order of cooperation with Olans Group


This document describes the process of Olans Group’s cooperation with clients and potential customers who have turned to Olans Group for help.

You have a problem, and you want to appeal to Olans Group for its solution?


What are your actions?


    1. COMMUNICATION. Contact us in the most appropriate way for you –by phone, email, etc., disclose the essence of the problem and needs. Next – we agree on a scheme for further communication and discussion (meeting / correspondence by mail / correspondence in Facebook);


    1. NDA.We send you an NDA agreement for review and signing. What is the NDA agreement? This is an agreement, under terms of which Olans Group undertakes not to divulge an information, that became known during the cooperation/discussion;


    1. QUESTION-ANSWER. Ask questions, get answers. This is necessary for understanding the situation and offer preparation.


    1. OFFER.We prepare a proposal in which we determine the options for the solution, the timing of the provision of services, the cost of services, the calculation procedure.

      Olans Group work on a prepayment of 50% of the cost of services. Some services make a prepayment in the amount of 100% of the cost of services. Terms and amount of prepayment can be discussed individually. Payment can be made in any convenient way (as agreed with Olans Group).


    1. SIGNATURE OF SERVICE AGREEMENT. The agreed information from the Offer is entered into Service Agreement. The parties sign the Agreement. (the method of signing is agreed individually).


    1. PAYMENT AND GETTING STARTED. Olans Group starts to provide services immediately after receiving a prepayment, previously stipulated and specified in the service agreement.


    1. PROCEDURE OF SERVICE PROVISION. In the process of providing services Olans Group can contact the client for additional information, ask questions, the answers to which are necessary for the provision of services. The term for providing information and answers by the client is credited to the term of service provision.


    1. HARMONISATION OF THE RESULTS OF WORK. Olans Group sends the result of its work to the client for approval. In the process of reconciliation, the client makes corrections, ask questions.

      Olans Group agree the results of its work until all the changes are taken into account, and the answers to the questions are provided.


  1. HANDOVER OF WORK AND PAYMENT. After agreeing the results of the work in full, Olans Group provide the client with a report (if necessary), an account, an act of the services rendered. The client makes final payment.




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